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We are not just another veterinary practice management consulting firm nor are we another coaching company. The foundation that this company was founded upon is that veterinary medicine doesn’t have to be as complicated as we have made it. And when I say ‘we have made it’, both principles in Simple Solutions for Vets have the scars associated with practice ownership and have been ‘victims’ of the complexity of veterinary practice.

The greatest mindset change that we hope to instill is that of Working ON your practice not just Working IN your practice. These words, originally from Michael E. Gerber, The E Myth and the The E Myth Revisited, are the mantra that we will hold you accountable to when you visit our website or visit with us.

Another difference you will find is that we want to give you a lot of the answers that you will need to make your practice life and subsequently your personal life simpler. Whether it is documents that you can replicate and utilize or webinars or seminars that give you practical, useful and easily translatable tools, or regular accountability calls, everything we offer is dedicated to making a very complex problem, the operation of a small animal veterinary practice, simpler.

Enjoy the free content. More and more will be added each month. Sign up for a weekly enews or blog updates. Join us for regular webinars or teleseminars. Or, choose one of our support levels to engage with one of our accountability coaches. The pebble that you have been walking around with in your shoe doesn’t have to be there any longer. The pain that you have become so accustomed to doesn’t have to continue to nag you. Let us help you find the vision that you so desperately lack for your practice but more importantly for your life.


Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
President, Simple Solutions for Vets
Co-Author, The E-Myth Veterinarian


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