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There is no size fits all when it comes to helping a veterinary practice. With this in mind, we work with our clients to create an experience that caters to their specific needs. The amount of time, frequency, and topics for discussion are client-directed. Our role, as coaches, is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


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We work with you and for you at your pace and for your desired outcomes.


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We will hold YOU and YOUR team accountable to the tasks that you need to accomplish to achieve your desired outcomes.


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because unlike consulting, we do NOT visit practices to provide a full onsite experience. Thus, we cannot make a diagnosis of the issues that you might actually have, we can only help YOU recognize the issues that you don’t know and then work on the issues that you do know. And we do that via phone, Zoom, Facetime or other similar media.


You don’t know where you want to be? That is a great place to start!

  • Hospital ownership?
  • Startup or purchase existing practice?
  • Hospital sales?
  • Corporate, associate, independent buyer?
  • Operational excellence?
  • Systems, processes, checklists, organizational chart!
  • Chaos control?
  • Pain point identification, leadership mentoring, delegation!

Our first “getting to know you” call is always free but limited to 50 minutes. Subsequent calls are billed in 15-minute increments at the rate of $250 per hour. Any work done on your behalf that is NOT on the phone call will be discussed ahead of time and an accurate estimate provided. We don’t have a contract or anything more than a handshake agreement. You can opt-out at any time with no penalties.

NOTE: We do encourage a manager or administrator to participate. One of our goals is to help you delegate those tasks that are best done by others allowing you to focus on working ON your business and not just IN your business.

*Please note that our consultants have many roles and responsibilities so that they may have limited access and may not have times that are perfect for you. For that, we apologize ahead of time.

If our team and style isn’t right for you, we will candidly refer you to a colleague that we feel comfortable will exceed your needs. If you are looking for legal advice, website development, social media marketing, banking assistance, or any of a plethora of other topics that need a specific expert to ensure you get the best output, feel free to ask. We know what our strengths are and will gladly help you find a specialist.

If you are attending any meetings and would like to meet and greet socially so we can get to know each other, check the speaking and travel resource.

If you want to read some articles or listen to podcasts, follow this link to the resource pages.

To set up an introductory call, please check the CALENDLY calendar for availability. Be aware of time zone differences.

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