To find a practice management consultant, advisor or resource that is not included in the list below, go to

Most of the colleagues below are members of Vet Partners. All of the colleagues below I have met with personally or worked with personally and I highly recommend them for their knowledge, skills, and attributes. However, everybody’s personality and needs are different, find someone who YOU can work with.

MARKETING ( including Website Development, Social Media, Branding)

ATTORNEYS ( including Small Business, Human Resources, Practice Act/License Defence)

ACCOUNTANTS (Veterinary Specific)

TECHNOLOGY (Including Applications and Other High Tech Resources)

  • Stacey Santee
  • Mark Olcutt, DVM
  • Tony Cairo, Anipanion
  • DATA Aggregators
  • Martin Traub-Werner, VetSuccess

OPERATIONAL CONSULTANTS (Boots on the ground, Come to your practice)

TRANSACTION RESOURCE (For Buying or Selling Representation or Appraisals)


  • Travis York, Caliber
  • Jessica Trichel, Live Oak
  • Mariza Martinez, Bank of America


  • Jack Teitelman, Titan Group


  • Phil Seibert, CVT, SafetyVet