1.    What does membership cost?

There is no membership cost.  Our vision at Simple Solutions is to offer basic content and resources at no charge. We want you to feel free to view our content and use it to help your practice. If you need help, beyond what is available, please contact us.

2.    How do I contact you?

Please e-mail your contact information to us so that we can either answer your questions or set up a call at a mutually beneficial time.

3.    Will we meet in person at my practice?

Our role is one of support and coaching. If you feel that a visit could make a difference in the ultimate success of your practice, we will discuss that thoroughly and determine how best to accomplish the goals that you are seeking to attain.

4.    Are you practice consultants?

Simple Solutions was designed to be a coaching and accountability partner. We believe we can provide you with great tools, experienced coaches, and opportunities to connect with resources that will help you towards your goals. So, in a word, NO, we are not classic consultants!

5.    Will your ideas work in my practice?

All the solutions from our coaches come from experienced practice managers and veterinarians. We know they work because they are in use currently. Their ability to work in your practice will come from getting buy-in from YOU as the leadership and YOUR team. Our role is to help you get that buy-in!!