About Us

Simple Solutions for Vets was founded based on a shared passion by two people dedicated to the success of the companion animal veterinary practice. Dr. Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA, and Pam Cole, CVPM believe that the complexities of operating a practice can be simplified so that veterinarians and their staff can achieve greater success with less ‘pain’.

Comments Peter, “The problems faced by practice owners I see every day are mostly about managing basic operations in their practice. Delivering quality care to patients and clients is not possible without a clear vision communicated to a trained staff supported by good systems. As a practice owner the singular measure of your ability to communicate and lead is the success of your staff and the systems you have in place.”

Simple Solutions offers practical tools available on- line, to include access to audios, webinars, downloadable manuals and templates. Simple Solutions offers a simple Key Performance Indicator dashboard, with comparative metrics to monitor your success.

Pam and Peter share nearly 50 years as practice owners, writers, and speakers. We invite you to sign up for your complimentary membership and learn more about Simple Solutions for Vets.


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