What’s your story?

Every practice has a story and that story is usually about the practice owner.

Practices are forever changing and evolving whether you are just starting up or thinking about retirement and your legacy. Where are you and your practice in your evolutionary story?

What are your dreams? What are your fears? Are you worried about the future? Are you where you want to be today? How about tomorrow? Is your glass half full or half empty?

At Simple Solutions we believe that the glass is always half full! We have some great tools to help you fill your glass to ‘overflowing’. Take a journey with us to see how we can help.

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Where Do You Want to Go?



Are you and your staff members clear on the ‘ultimate goal’ for your practice?

Can you put in words what you are trying to achieve for your patients and clients EVERY DAY CONSISTENTLY?

How should your practice LOOK and FEEL for your clients when they visit? What is it that YOU DO differently to make your clients and patients happy and healthy and LOYAL?

Developing a Vision statement or re-working an old one is important in a changing veterinary services marketplace. When was the last time you reviewed your practice vision statement?

Are you and your staff working together to deliver your vision to your clients and patients?

No vision? Let us help you develop one! Take our survey!


Success in practice is not possible without good leadership. Good leaders are visionary, inspirational, trusting, supportive, engaging, and willing to surround themselves with talented self-directed people that understand the value of a team-oriented workplace. Great leaders have LEARNED to work with many different personality types. Are you an effective leader?  If not we will show you how! Take our Leadership quiz and see for yourself!

Simple Solutions Leadership Quiz


Does your mission statement truly reflect your practices primary objectives and purpose that spell out how you will accomplish your vision? If you have put in the hard work of developing your mission/vision what are your core values?

Check out our core values checklist!!


Whether your practice is brand new or celebrating its 45th year, creating goals in the form of an annual or quarterly plan is essential if you want your staff to FOLLOW your vision. Goal setting should be accomplished ideally by department and then wrapped into an annual plan. Simple Solutions recommends that each practice use the Planning Triangle:

1. The Business Plan
2. The Practice Plan
3. The Completion plan

Check Out Our Planning Checklist!



How Will You Get There?



People come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each staff member has different perceptions and communicates differently. How do you choose the right team member, create a work environment that assures their success, and how do you measure their effectiveness? Are practice leaders and managers in your practice focused on making staff members the best that they can be so they can do the work of the practice?

Without a systematic way of doing business, people are more often a liability than an asset. As a leader have you developed great systems for your people?

At Simple Solutions we have developed readily usable templates for energizing and managing your staff.


Effective, happy, motivated veterinary staff are usually the result of great management systems. It is surprisingly easy to find the time to develop turn-key operational systems to include job descriptions, check-lists, ‘how to’ manuals and training materials.

At Simple Solutions we have developed practical, ‘real life’ templates that will work in your practice.


Marketing is EVERYTHING you do in practice.

It is the experience clients have when they drive by, drive-in, call, e-mail, visit your website, see your team in action, and pay you for services. It is how you smell, how you ‘feel’, what color you are, and how much you ‘care’. Are you doing it right?

Take our marketing survey and see!


How do all your numbers add up? Is your fee income up or down? Are you seeing more clients and charging less, or vice-versa? Are your fees competitive? Are your expenses out of control?  Is your Veterinary staff pulling their weight?

Are you standing still or moving forward?

Our Key Performance Indicators dashboard will help evaluate where you stand and help you move to the next level.  Looking over the dashboard will give you a view through your windshield into the future instead of the rearview mirror looking backwards.


Money is a subject relevant to everyone in Veterinary Medicine. Practice Owners in particular need to know at all times where the money is coming from and where it is going too.

 At Simple Solutions we believe that staff members need to understand the role of money in practice and the way each staff member can influence the flow. We believe that staff members need to understand the impact their actions can have on the financial success of the practice.

Aside from fee income practice owners need to understand the need for a profit plan that is measured (monitored) monthly, and a cash flow plan that is attended to regularly. Building equity in the practice is of equal and critical importance. Simple Solutions has templates and spreadsheets that are clear, simple, and understandable.

Risk Management / Problem Solving

Veterinary practices, when managed effectively, do not pose significant risk to ownership. Practice owners and their staffs must have written plans in place to manage several regulatory agencies and professional guidelines.

Simple Solutions has great templates to assist practice owners/managers in documenting risk management programs to include OSHA, Employment Guidelines for California employers, Veterinary Medical Board Standards.